Connecting globally is really powerful, but how do we use this medium in a way to enhance professional learning and empower the voice of teachers in our own building.  Sometimes seeing the impact of using Twitter on a global level brings ideas back into our classrooms, but perhaps using Twitter locally could push people to connect others globally.

Just remember that “Twitter” isn’t just for days that you are discussing technology.  It can amplify and accelerate learning in any topic, whether it is on health initiatives, assessment practices, or deep understanding of any topic. It is easy to do, yet can share several mediums, which allows for different types of processing and understanding.

Source: 6 Ways to Use Twitter To Enhance In-School Professional Learning – The Principal of Change

I believe Twitter still needs to work on their interface design. And revisit their limits on third-party clients, which is where a lot of experimentation in interface design took place. But, even in it’s current form with help from Tweetbot for iOS and Mac, Tweetdeck, and Participate Learning’s hashtag chat client Twitter is still very useful.

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