The Collabrify Suite from the Intergalactice Mobile Learning Center is a collection of free apps for use in the primary and middle school classroom.


The suite consists of the follow 5 apps:

logo_collabrify_chart_for_website-300x200Collabrify Chart looks a little like a spreadsheet, but with slightly easier options to make charting easier.
kwl-icon-300x199Collabrify KWL allows the easy creation of Know/Want/Learn with an optional Evidence section.
writer-icon-300x199Collabrify Writer is a collabrative word processor.
flipbook-icon-300x199Collabrify Flipbook is an collaborative whiteboard app.
map-icon-300x199Collabrify Map is a mind mapping app.

All of the apps use Google logins, so you don’t have to worry about creating accounts if you are a Google Apps for Education school.

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