Kindergarten children whose teachers rate them as being highly inattentive tend to earn less in their 30s than classmates who are rated highly “pro-social,” according to a recent paper in JAMA Psychiatry. In fact, inattention could prove to be a better predictor of future educational and occupational success than the famous “marshmallow test” designed to assess a child’s ability to delay gratification. And a single teacher’s assessment may be sufficient to identify at-risk children, the authors claim.

Source: Forget the marshmallow test; this could be the real secret to kids’ future success | Ars Technica

Basically, the marshmellow test doesn’t really tell us anything once we’ve taken factors such as socioeconomic status into account.

And, it’s only at most 2 marshmellows… Make me wait for something good, like Ho Hos!

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