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Find datasets in Google’s Dataset Search

Source: Dataset Search Google Dataset Search is a search engine for various sets of data available on the internet. This could be used by students to find more information out about something they are studying. To use the site, you visit Dataset Search and start typing the kind of data you want. Dataset Search will […]

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Getting students ready for artificial intelligence in the workforce

The future impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on society and the labour force have been studied and reported extensively. In a recent book, AI Superpowers, Kai-Fu Lee, former president of Google China, wrote that 40 to 50 per cent of current jobs will be technically and economically viable with AI and automation over the next […]

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Today I learned that you can make the formula bar bigger in Google Sheets

Formulas can get pretty complex in Google Sheets (or any spreadsheet for that matter), and the one line formula bar raises the annoyance bar. Being able to extend the formula bar is a godsend! Excel already has the ability, and apparently Google added the ability back in 2016. I just found out about it last […]

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