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Why we need school libraries

With an emphasis on test scores and “digital literacy,” there is a myth among many that the school library is irrelevant and even old-fashioned. Talk to students and you will find that they don’t feel this way. Children want access to books. They want to spend time in a library perusing titles and discussing what […]

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Excessive screen time blamed for rise of teens needing glasses

So many people, especially young people and teenagers, spend a significant period of time each day staring at a screen of some kind, whether that be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or the regular old TV. Now, a new study is warning parents that all that screen time may be behind a stunning rise in children […]

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Learn programing with Kodable

Source: Programming for Kids | Kodable Kodable offers both free and paid resources for teaching programming in primary and intermediate schools, from grades K-5. I really like how their curriculum moves to actually writing code in 3rd grade, moving beyond the drag and dropping of blocks like in Scratch. The use of blocks hasn’t convinced […]

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