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Fact Monster is a reference site designed for kids

Source: Fact Monster – A Trusted Reference Site for Kids Fact Monster is a reference site to be used with students in grades 3 or 4 on up. Some content may be usable in the lower grades, but a lot of the references pull from sources such as the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. The site pulls […]

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The air quality in your school can have a huge impact on learning

He finds that math scores went up by 0.20 standard deviations and English scores by 0.18 standard deviations, and the results hold up even when you control for “detailed student demographics, including residential ZIP Code fixed effects that help control for a student’s exposure to pollution at home.” Source: Air filters create huge educational gains […]

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Eduk8me’s top 10 posts of 2019

I’m not a big fan of yearly countdowns in December. What about posts in December? So, I’m doing my top 10 posts now, and there is one post from December that made the list. Preceden – A free for students timeline creator 0x0D Ways to Teach Like a Hacker Another option to quiet Youtube – […]

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