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Create your own city online for free with Toy Box Metropolis

Source: Toy Box Metropolis by Second Dimension Games Toy Box Metropolis is a simplified version of Simcity that takes place on the floor of a child’s bedroom. At the start, you are given your choice of objectives for the game. You then build roads, buildings, and landmarks in a way that will achieve the goal […]

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Use Descript to record, edit, and TRANSCRIBE your podcasts

Source: Descript | Create podcasts, videos, and transcripts Descript is the rare piece of software that not only does amazing things, but it is also reasonably priced. If you ever wanted an easy way to edit your podcast, take a look at Descript. To start with Descript, you need to feed it some audio. The […]

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Preview Google Docs/Slides/Sheets documents with this URL trick

Google offers all sorts of neat little tricks with the URL of a Google Drive document, and the /preview trick is one of the best. I’m going to demonstrate the /preview trick with Google Slides, since that’s when it’s most noticeable. For my classes, I have prepared lessons in Google Slides. This is a pretty […]

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