ⓔ You’re doing it wrong

Force-quit-appThis past week I had a plumber come out to look at our water softener. He was pretty tech savvy, using his iPhone to document his process and to record parts that he needed. Unfortunately, he constantly force quit applications on his iPhone when he was finished. How do I tell him to stop doing that?

As I’ve talked about before, the only time you need to force quite an app on your iPhone is when it is misbehaving. Constantly force quitting apps is a waste of time with no benefit. It doesn’t make your phone run any better or your battery last longer. It just wastes your time.

I kept quiet, which is pretty tough for me, but was wondering how I should approach the issue. When I’ve told others that that they don’t need to force quit apps, they continue to do it. Especially students. I’ve shown the students the technical reasons why it doesn’t save battery, but to no avail.

When you see someone continue to do the wrong thing, what do you do?

p.s. I’m sure there will be those reading this that see nothing wrong with force quitting apps, and wonder why I get bent out of shape. My main reason for this crusade is the fact that it wastes time! Sure, it’s only 2 seconds here and there, but the average user picks up their device 85 times a day. If they force quit the apps every other time, that’s almost 1.5 minutes a day, or 9 hours a year. An entire work day of closing apps. Plus, force quitting apps actually uses more battery power because the OS can’t cache information and has to constantly reload it from the drive.

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