School libraries are no longer simply quiet places for students to study or check out printed materials. Many have transformed themselves into vibrant hubs of school life, boasting makerspaces, computer access, collaborative work areas, quiet zones, and many more ways for students to access information. Students are now using a variety of devices to do schoolwork and access textbooks or other class materials. To help meet their needs, librarians are scrambling to curate effective digital collections accessible through a variety of devices, but it’s a complicated and often expensive task.“Every outgoing senior class is vastly different from every incoming freshman class,” said New Canaan High School librarian Michelle Luhtala in an edWeb webinar. “When we look at our collections, are we ready for that shift? Every year is a different cohort.”

Source: Navigating the ‘Wild West’ of Digital Collections in Schools | MindShift | KQED News

Remember when libraries were renamed to Library Media Centers in the 80s? It never stops.

Microgenerational differences usually aren’t noticed, but technology changes has exasperated the issue. One grade level may use Facebook and FB Messenger, but the next grade level may center their communications to Whatsapp. These differences will need to be noted.

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