Imagine you are 3 or 4 feet tall, a meter — give or take 10 cm — and you climb off this huge yellow bus (the vehicle that teaches you that seat belts are not important), or you climb out of mom or dad’s car, and — you are at your school.

Imagine you are 16 or 17, frustrated, tired, angry with the world, and you drive up to your school and walk toward the doors.

Imagine you are 12, and home has its… umm, challenges. And you get off a chaotic school bus and walk toward your school.

What happens next?

Source: Your School’s UX. What is it? And where to start. — Student Voices — Medium

When there was discussion in my district about building a new high school and moving the elementary students to the old high school the cost of modifying the high school to fit the needs of the elementary students was overlooked. Almost every piece of the building needed to be looked at and solutions created. The bathrooms and drinking fountains was the first I noticed, they were not configured for little kids to use.

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