7 Reasons To Be Excited About the Future of Learning

I’m excited. Like, really, really, really, excited.

Technology has gone from a toy, to an event, to a commodity, to a way of life. And learning has been attached along the way. Maybe we don’t always see learning and technology hand-in-hand, but the two are deeply connected and fuel each other every day.

Part of the issue of not seeing this connection is by thinking about learning in a “school only” box. But, if you open up your idea of what learning is, where it takes place, who does it, and why it happens—then you’ll notice that every new technology has been spawned by us learning. And we’ve been able to learn more (and a quicker pace) because of the new technologies that have been invented.

Source: 7 Reasons You Should Be Excited About the Future of Learning – A.J. JULIANI

Sometimes its hard to see how far we’ve come. When I was in school 30 years ago classroom may have had an Apple //e. Sometimes we used AppleWorks, but most of the time we play Ms. Pac-man and Mario Bros. Now, we have machines thousands of times more powerful in our pocket, capable of understanding voice commands and allowing us to be constantly connected. We should be excited about learning NOW and in the future!

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