9. Attend an Edcamp (13 Ways Teachers Can Hack Their Learning)

Attend an Edcamp is part 9 of 13 Ways Teachers Can Hack Their Learning.


There are several types of conferences that you can attend, and one of the most interesting is an Edcamp. Dubbed the “unconference”, an Edcamp is a participant led conference where only a loose outline of the day’s activities is planned. Sessions are scheduled by the participants during the start of the Edcamp. Anyone can lead a session, and, more importantly, anyone can add a session about something they want to learn more about. For example, if you are interested in blended learning in the kindergarten classroom, add it as a session. The attendees of that session can discuss the topic, and hopefully learn more about it.

Edcamps are always free to the participants. Be sure to check their website for upcoming edcamps in your area!

Edcamp.org has an introductory video for edcamps:



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