A story on the difficulties university students face when reading more than 200 words at a time

I’d suggest that happiness for students might arise from challenge, from hard work fairly rewarded, or from the acquisition of new skills. But there is of course a quicker route: you keep students happy by not failing them. And then – surprise! – when they graduate they are not literate, or numerate, or knowledgeable enough to perform the work they have been studying for.

Source: ‘The difficulty is the point’: teaching spoon-fed students how to really read | Books | The Guardian

I’ve been forcing myself to read more long-form fiction. For the last couple of years I’ve noticed an impatience in myself when I’m reading, and instead of enjoying the text as it flows on the page, I feel like the author is not getting to the point quick enough. So, right now I’m trying to read more books, and slowing down.

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