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Adobe Spark brings easy-animation apps to the web

Now the company is bringing all three of those apps under a new name, and also introducing a web version of the software. The new Adobe Spark suite includes Adobe Spark Video (formerly Slate), Adobe Spark Page (formerly Slate), and Adobe Spark Post (which was just Post before).

Spark is a kind of “next-gen Photoshop”

The idea behind the software is largely the same: it lets people make social graphics, web stories, and animated videos without requiring a lot of digital-media expertise. But the addition of a browser-based web app, where you can open up Spark and continue editing the projects you started on mobile, is supposed to allow for a little more control over projects.

From my limited testing I’ve found it to be pretty cool. Logins can be handled by your Google ID, so it should be pretty easy to integrate it into your classroom. The workflow reminds me a lot about Toontastic, Spark will walk you through a series of steps or tasks to complete the project. I’ll have a full write up soon.


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