Amazon has created a parent portal that works with Freetime on the Amazon Fire tablet

Today, the company is giving parents better insight into what their kids are doing on their tablets with the free Parent Dashboard. The dashboard lives at and can be accessed from any web browser.

Source: Amazon is launching a new dashboard that lets you monitor the content your kid consumes – The Verge

Amazon has offered Freetime and Freetime Unlimited for awhile. Freetime Unlimited allows parents to pay a subscription fee for access to hundreds of thousands of pieces of content while Freetime lets the parent control some aspects of the Fire Tablet. The parent dashboard is a way for parents to control what content the children can use, and is available to Freetime and FreeTime Unlimited users.

The dashboard provides feedback to how much time the child has spent in the different areas on the Fire Tablet, along with a summary view of activity.

From a Big Brother standpoint, it’s kind of scary. But, then I think about what could be possible with knowing this information. Amazon can probably find a book on the child’s level that the child will want to read quickly and easily.

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