Archiving your digital life

To archive something to make sure it’s never lost, is important, but I have a different angle on shaving with your own Occam brand razor. Developing a process of managing all the stuff you create before it goes into the cloud, is not only about saving it from destruction, but more so, to make it as useful to yourself as possible.


The cloud should never be the primary place to store / manage what you create; it should always be the exhaust.

Source: More Than Archiving, Organizing Your Shared Stuff Begins at Home – CogDogBlog

What are you doing with your digital creations? The article discusses pictures, but I’m worried more on all of the other digital artifacts that we create as teachers. Lesson plans, study guides, quizzes, etc.

I try to complete as much of the work as possible in a simple text document, usually using markdown. That way, no matter what happens with the final project, I can still retain ownership and archive the document in a format that will always be readable.


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