Best Classroom Uses of Technology

It is common from time to time for connected colleagues to send me questions that they would like my input on. Usually it is motivated by one or more of these factors: curiosity, wanting to inform their practice, or maybe information for a paper or book they are writing. One such request came yesterday and I thought why not “feed two birds with one cracker” and just blog my response to the questions.

You know what? I’d love to hear your responses to these questions as well (in the comments below). These questions may seem innocent enough, but they really are foundational to shaping our philosophy of learning in a 21st century or contemporary classroom, school or district.

Source: Best Classroom Uses of Technology

For me, the best uses of technology in the classroom is where technology isn’t the why of a lesson, but the how. When technology is used in ways that would be impossible without, that is when technology is the best. Look at Google’s Expeditions, with Google Cardboard. A low tech way to visit places that would be impossible for most students to complete.

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