Can edtech make a difference?

But regardless of how people are collaborating, creating, and getting excited, there’s one crucial thing to remember … technology makes no significant difference to learning.

Source: #EdTech makes no significant difference – EDUWELLS

I strongly disagree with his reasonings. If technology makes no significant difference, then why has almost every industry adopted the use of technology to run their business? Why has productivity gone up so much in the last 30 years?

We can see it in schools with the very basics. Students no longer write out drafts long hand, edit, and then type the final draft into the computer. Now the students can type their rough draft into the computer, saving all of the time from writing long hand and then typing. For me, I need to type, when I write I can’t keep up with my thoughts and I miss things.

This example is very low level, but it illustrates the effect of technology. Students have more time, which is a precious commodity.

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