Designing new curriculum during a pandemic

Then, just to add to the confusion, management decided that we should have two student intakes: one in August/September (the traditional starting time for new students), and one in February. This meant that, if we were fast enough, we could trial the new curriculum on a small group of students that started in February, rather than jumping in the deep end in September. After a lot of work, and with much material still to be developed, we think we are ready to roll.

One of the best parts of developing the new curriculum has been the criticism and feedback we’ve had from colleagues, students, and alumni. Now, with a month to go before we’ll be using the new curriculum, I want to open it up to critique by you, the Ars readers. I’m ready to be the Christmas roast.

Source: All I want for Christmas is an awesome new curriculum | Ars Technica

If you’ve ever wanted to peak behind the curtains at designing new curriculum at the college level, this article is for you. Although the article centers around the college level, there is a ton of good information that can be used at the K12 level.

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