🔥 Digital Planning Stickers – Freebie Friday!

Back in February I fell down the rabbit hole of digital planners. As I watched YouTube videos on the planners, I was struck by how labor intensive it was to create the stickers. Well, it was time to teach like a hacker and automate the process.

After a couple of hours, I had a script working that would create all of the stickers I wanted in the colors I wanted. I haven’t done anything with them since, so I figured it is as good as time as any to share them with the world!

All of the stickers in the different colors are available in my Google Drive for the price of free, simply sign up for my newsletter! If you like these, could you also head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe? I would love that!!

If there are any terms you would like added or colors you would like the stickers in, send me an email. I picture this folder as a living document, and it takes me no time at all to create a new set of stickers or update the current set.

You rock!

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