Easily create QR Codes in Google Sheets with the QR Code Generator add-on

Easily create QR Codes in Google Sheets with the QR Code Generator add-on.

To use the add-on, put the data you want converted to QR Codes in cells in column A. The data can be text, email address, website addresses, etc. In column B, put a description of the QR code. This will be used to name the PNG files and to put a description under the QR code if you create a Google Doc.

Go to the Add-ons menu, select QR Code Generator, then Start. I like the following options.

When the Generate button is clicked, the QR codes will be generated. These codes will be saved as PNG files in Google Drive (named after the cells in Column B) and a Google Doc will be created with the QR Codes (along with Column B being the description of the QR code).

A nice, quick and easy way to generate up to 100 QR codes at a time.

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