We find these truths to be self evident, not all screen time is created equal

As a parent, I am fiercely protective of my children. I want them to be kids. I want them to play sports, get lost in great books, collect bugs in our backyard, and engage with one another creating art projects, choreographing dance numbers, and playing good old fashioned board games.

I often feel these traditional pastimes are less attractive than the pull of the screen. I resent the magnetic pull that iPads and apps have on their time and attention.

As I write this, I do appreciate the irony of the tech enthusiast educator resenting my own children’s clear adoration of technology. I’ve spent time contemplating why this is and have reached a conclusion.

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My family has issues with the amount of time I spend on my laptop or phone. My counterpoint is, “what if I was reading a book instead? Would you still have problems with that?” And then I start reading a book on my Kindle.

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