Fixing teens’ sleep deficiencies

Delaying school start times has been universally touted as the answer to the growing epidemic of teenage sleep deprivation, but this common orthodoxy may be based in false ideas about how teen biological clocks really work.

The argument for later start times hinges on the fact that teenagers prefer to go to bed and sleep in later because of a delay in their circadian clocks that govern the body’s rhythms of sleep and waking. To be more in line with teens’ “natural” sleep patterns, thousands of U.S. high schools have pushed back their morning schedules in recent years.

But the solution may not be so simple, according to new research from Harvard Medical School and the University of Surrey in the U.K.

Source: Here’s The Real Way To Fix The Teen Sleep Loss Epidemic

On my desktop and laptop computer, I’ve been using f.lux to change the temperature of the screen. Temperature in light is a shift of the viewable spectrum of light, making the screen appear brown. This has a different effect than just turning down the brightness. iOS devices have had it since 10.2 in the feature called Night Shift.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that’s acceptable for Android or ChromeOS. If you know of something, let me know!

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