For a teacher’s mental health, why don’t you quit?

“I had regular panic attacks, felt like I would faint at any moment walking down the street and was always on the verge of tears,” she says, adding that, “the job literally made me sick — my health had gotten to a point that was unlivable, unworkable and a mess.”


So she quit her job to save her life.

Source: If job stress is killing you, it’s time to leave

This is always easier said then done, and I believe it’s even more difficult to leave a job when you are a teacher. It’s the students who have no other recourse that will suffer when a good teacher leaves, not the school, school district, or any other reason for leaving.

Why don’t more teachers quit? For starters, the numbers show that 17% of teachers quit within the first 5 years. So some teachers are quitting.

Your health is always more important than your job, and there is a never ending source of more stress on the job. As teachers, we need to learn to manage our expectations of others while working through our own needs.


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