Future work

A great deal has been written about the future and the importance of preparing students with the skills, mindset, and attributes necessary for success in a rapidly evolving world. Truth be told, this is quite the harrowing task and one that should compel us all to pause and critically reflect on not only where schools are, but more importantly where our students need them to be. If schools continue down the track of sustaining outdated practices we will continue to churn out a population of students that are only good at doing school.  This applies not only to K-12, but also higher education.  Change is not coming, it is already here beating down the door.

Source: A Principal’s Reflections: Preparation for the New World of Work

The United States is particularly positioned to be affected by rise of robots more so than other countries:

A new report has found that 38 percent of US jobs will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence by the early 2030s.

The research found that more jobs are at risk in the US than compared to other major producing countries around the world – 30 percent of UK jobs, 35 percent in Germany and 21 percent in Japan.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4347630/Report-finds-38-jobs-lost-robots-2030.html#ixzz4cl2bBoFL

It’s time to get serious about preparing our students for their future!

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