Hour of Code is 2 weeks away

Hour of Code is a global event which aims to pull back the curtain on technology and give students a chance to see what coding (programming) is like.


There are over 200 activites and lesson plans encompassing students from pre-readers up to high school. The search activities page has a set of categories so you can search for exactly what you want to do in your classroom. You can even set your comfort level, student’s comfort level, and what technology you have available to help you find the activities that you believe would work best in your classroom. There are even activities that don’t require any technology.

New this year are a series of Minecraft activities that students can use to learn programming, joining other activities that include Star Wars and Frozen.

To get started, visit the Hour of Code website and sign up. There are teaching materials and lesson plans to help you plan your Hour of Code event, and plenty of support if you get stuck.

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