How Augmented Reality will change our future

The breathless coverage around AR says it will revolutionize healthcare, warfare, education, gaming and, of course, the enterprise generally.

In the enterprise, we’re told, AR will enhance training, in-store marketing, experiential marketing, market research, customer-facing interactions, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, engineering, design and more.

But how? By taking what’s on our laptop, tablet and smartphone screens and projecting in mid-air through goggles? That sounds more cumbersome than revolutionary.

Source: Why it’s time to augment our thinking about AR | InsiderPro (Pro tip: Install Mercury Reader (Chrome) or Tranquility Reader (Firefox) to read the full article.

The videos that Microsoft has created about the Hololens shows some of these advancements that are coming. Yes, the gear is bulky and not very portable, but so were computers 20 years ago.

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