If you use Twitter logins for any site, CHECK IT NOW!

This week Twitter announced that it was going to start charging for API access. Although the announcement implies that only developers need to worry about it, it will also affect sites that have a Login with Twitter button.

What is an API and why do I care?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is a way to easily interact with applications. Developers will use the Twitter API to automate posting or to collect Tweets. Websites may also use the API to provide the Login with Twitter button.

If the site doesn’t pay for access to the API, the Login with Twitter button will disappear, and, along with it, your ability to log in to the site.

Checking which services you use with Twitter

To check if you have any sites that you’ve used the Login with Twitter feature, sign in to Twitter.
On the left side, click the three dot More menu and select Settings and Support and then Settings and Privacy.

Next, click on Security and account access and then Apps and Sessions.

Finally, click on Connected Apps.

Now you can scroll through the list and see if there are any sites that you’ve connected with by using Twitter. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to see how you are using the connected site, you’ll have to go through the list and test. If you’re curious about a site, you can go to it and see if you used the Twitter login.

Next week will be interesting

The changes at Twitter are being put in place on February 9th. After that day, who know what’s going to happen. If you are looking at alternatives, check out Mastodon for Education. You can follow this site with @ryan@eduk8.me or my regular Mastodon account, @mr_rcollins. Or, better yet, follow both!

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