The importance of identifying and validating online news resources


Good discussion starters for those moving from an information environment of carefully vetted resources (libraries and print publication with journalistic integrity) to, well, the Internet.

It seems our lessons did not take. To our detriment and possibly to the deteriment of our nation. While the ability to spot “fake” news on the Internet has always seemed to be a rather academic skill, it has almost overnight become a critical skill needed by every citizen.

No longer friendly, humorous sites created to simply raise awareness in the naive information searcher, today’s fake news and information is malicious, attempting to sway public opinion and to influence elections and public policy.

Source: The tree octopus has moved to Facebook – and grown fangs – Home – Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk Blog

I’m currently researching an article on the dearth of critical thinking when it comes to internet resources, and it is depressing. To give you an idea, here’s the story of a single tweet causing a $200 billion dollar dive of the DOW.

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