How much control is too much for the future you want to create?

Yesterday, I noticed this article being shared; “Hays school district orders 800 padlocks for students“. I am glad that they are providing iPads to their students so it is not that they are not ignoring opportunities for both creation and consumption, but I am firm believer that the best device for any learner is often the one they own already.   I am never one to make sweeping generalizations over what any school or district does to serve their students as I do not totally understand their context, but I always think it is okay to ask questions.

For one, is there not anything else they could do with the money they just spent on padlocks?

How do we teach responsible use of your own device if you do not have access to your own device?

Source: What is the future you would like to create? – The Principal of Change

I’ve noticed that the more the device is locked down, the less likely the students will want to use the device.

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