The Pokémon Go Google Sheets and to the Library

I then asked them about using Google Sheets and they looked at me that they didn’t know it could work that way. I asked them if they knew how to share a Google Sheet. They told me yes and I even asked if they knew how to embed a link. Which they were shocked to know they could. So, for about 20 minutes, using our mobile phones, I helped them set up a Google Spreadsheet and taken snap shots of the maps from their phones from the Pokémon captures so they could start using Google Slides for their pictures.

Source: The Pokémon Go Google Sheets and to the Library

Pokémon Go is a fascinating phenomenon that is sweeping across America. I live in a relatively small town and see people playing it all over the place! This article is a great starting point on how teachers can use Pokémon Go in their classroom (add this to the 14 ways Pokémon Go is the future of learning).

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