CloudConvert has an iOS app

Yesterday I mentioned CloudConvert as a simple way of converting files, in that case, converting a Google Slides document to a series of graphic images. When I was playing around with CloudConvert, I found out they had an iOS app. I downloaded the app and it works pretty much as expected. It doesn’t require registration, and […]

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Downloading your Google Slides presentations as images

Every once in awhile, you want to download your Google Slides presentation as a series of images. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer a way to do this. Well, you could download each slide individually, but I thought computers were supposed to make life easier! I know that Microsoft PowerPoint can do the conversion, but I wanted […]

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My new favorite iPhone email client, Spark by Readdle

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I’ve been using Spark by Readdle as my default email client on my iPhone for a few weeks now, and it’s currently my favorite (previously it was Outlook :-). Spark has two features that I really like: smart notifications and quick replies. Smart notifications are used by Spark to only notify you of important emails. It does […]

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