0x0D Ways to Teach Like a Hacker

Above is my presentation for the 2019 Ohio Educational Technology Conference that I am presenting on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, at 1:00pm in room A111.

Links and references

Keyboard Shortcuts

Start pages

  • For Education – start.me
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="https://protopage.com/">Protopage – Free Personalized Start Pages
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="https://www.symbaloo.com/welcome">Symbaloo – Save bookmarks and favorite websites online

Google Document Creation

  • doc.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://doc.new/">doc.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://doc.new/">docs.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://doc.new/">documents.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://form.new/">form.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://sheet.new/">sheet.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://slide.new/">slide.new
  • #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;" href="http://site.new/">site.new

Password Managers

Presentation Lesson Plans and Lessons

Exit/Entry Tickets