Renderforest is another option for online video and animation creation

Renderforest is another option to create online videos and animation.

Want another option to create videos and animations online? Check out Renderforest. After a quick sign-up, you can get started creating your video. There are several templates to use to get started.

Each scene in the template has areas for you to drop pictures or add text.

Once you have filled in every scene, you can add music to your masterpiece and then send it off to get rendered. My 45 second video took about 2 minutes to get ready. After the video is rendered, you can download a copy of it, publish it to Facebook or Youtube, or share it on social media.

There is an awful Renderforest watermark across the middle of the video when using Renderforest for free, but I don’t think the students will really notice or care.

Renderforest looks really good for creating videos to be used in the classroom.



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