Resources for getting started with Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

apps_ring_grey-logo2_nov2010I spent an hour and a half yesterday helping a user get started with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and thought to myself, “boy, it would be nice to collect some resources for this so I don’t have to repeat myself”. So here it is, a few resources to help you get started with GAFE. I aimed for beginner level resources, if you want more advanced resources, I guess that would be a good topic for a future article.

Google for Education

Google for Education is a Google website used to provide information about all of the Google products for education, not just Google Apps for Education. Teachers will want to start with Google for Education Training Center. The Training center has several lessons on the various aspects of Google in the classroom. I really like how they’ve focused on the task to be trained, and not the tool. For example, Unit 5 is entitled Organize Activities for Yourself and Others instead of being called something like “Google Calendar, Tasks, and Keep.

 Get Started with Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Get Started with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a free Udemy course presented by Alice Keeler, Taylor Williams, and Jeff Hall. Although I’m not quite decided on the addition of Twitter to a beginner GAFE course, this course covers the basics of GAFE, including using Chrome, Google Classroom, Drive, and Docs.

The Gooru

The Gooru is home to tons of information on Google Apps. Although this site is geared to general use of Google Apps, most of it would be on interest to GAFE users. First stop would be the list of articles for beginners. Unfortunately, the articles aren’t grouped into any sort of theme, so you may have to rely on search to find the help you need.

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