Sharing: 5 Best Practices to Globalize Your School

5 Best Practices to Globalize Your School | Getting Smart

Although we know what a modern education can and should look like, we struggle to provide equitable opportunities for all students. Global learning experiences in particular stand out as an element of a rigorous education that is common to some students fortunate enough to attend private schools, an affluent public secondary school or a solid university. Yet for the overwhelming majority of K-12 public school students, these opportunities are not available.

If these global learning opportunities are core to being college- and career-ready, why are they not offered widely in K-12 classrooms? And how do we provide global learning to more K-12 classrooms to equitably prepare all students?

Our students are no longer competing against those in their class, school, state, or country. They are competing against the best and the brightest of the world.

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