Sharing: Q&A with Paperless Classroom Innovator Kerry Gallagher

Q&A with Paperless Classroom Innovator Kerry Gallagher | EdTech Magazine

As a digital learning specialist, Kerry Gallagher looks for ways for teachers and students to use technology more collaboratively. Students scour the Internet for information daily. Digital Learning Specialist Kerry Gallagher says it’s now part of her job to show students how to better leverage the web to collaborate on projects and share ideas. A former middle and high school history teacher, Gallagher made the full leap into digital learning technology at St. John’s Preparatory in Danvers, Mass.

An interesting aspect of the paperless classroom that I found was that students are more likely to turn in an assignment that was on paper than they were for an assignment done digitally. My theory is that students have been trained on how to deal with paper for several years, but the digital world is still new to them.

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