Sharing: The Dystopian Future of Schools — The Synapse — Medium

Amid a flurry of interest in the latest panacea for student disengagement, a recent CNN report asked, Is personalized learning the future of school? The report, based upon a $133 million school startup known as AltSchool, is a response to a legitimate concern identified by former Google executive, Max Ventilla. The ambition to make the learning experience more personal is a difficult one to argue against. But as more and more schools adopt this philosophy, the result is an emerging multi-billion dollar industry.

Source: The Dystopian Future of Schools — The Synapse — Medium

Personalized learning is coming, and it will be really tough for humans to compete with a machine that knows exactly how a student is feeling, how the student’s friends are feeling, what is interesting to the student at this moment, what the student’s friends are finding interesting, etc.

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