Sharing: The Myth of Maximal Efficiency

The Myth of Maximal Efficiency « Outside In

It is in this narrowing that one might take issue. Because at heart, education is about relationships – a blindspot of the educational revolution which I have previously criticised – which means that it is not always efficient. Indeed, it is sometimes messy. And it is in this messiness – the complex interconnected web which confound the calculations of technocrat and bureaucrat alike – that one can, and indeed must, find learning. And of which those philosophies which direct everything we do in the classroom must take account. In other words, our education must be human.

I found the article interesting, and then I read the first comment. Oh, my! I’m all for spirited debate, but let’s not turn education into the partisan quagmire that is plaguing politics. Most approaches to education have their pros and cons, it’s not one way or the other, nor is it traditionalists vs progressives.

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