Sharing: Waving Goodbye to Drive-By PD

A Principal’s Reflections: Waving Goodbye to Drive-By PD

There has been a great deal of knocks on professional development as of late and rightfully so. More often than not, professional development is something that is done to educators as opposed to an experience that they truly value for growth.  For many, district professional development is a one-size-fits-all isolated event with no follow-up or support.  If impact, changes to practice, and sustainability are the ultimate goals then efforts must be made to better support teachers and administrators. It’s time to move past the practice of “drive-by” PD that has very little, if any, impact on professional practice.

Eric lists several aspects of successful PD. I believe another adjective I’d use to describe successful PD is ubiquitous. It should be common place and expected that every day you’re at work you’re going to learn something.

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