Spiral offers teachers a quick way to do formative assessments

Spiral offers teachers a quick and easy way to engage their classroom and measure understanding.

Teachers can create and log into Spiral using a Google, Facebook, Twitter, Clever, or Edmodo account. They can also create an email log in if they don’t have access to those services. Once logged in, you can use one of the four apps offered:

  • Quickfire – Great for exit tickets or impromptu collection of student understanding in class. The teacher posits a question for the students to answer. Students can also share their response anonymously with the class.
  • Discuss – Discuss is used with a presentation to give students a chance to respond during a presentation.
  • Team Up – used for the collaboration of students to complete a presentation.
  • Clip – Like Educanon or Edpuzzle, Clip takes a Youtube video and allows you to stop the video and ask for responses.

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