Starting a dream school in Austria

Two young women, together with parents like themselves, had a dream to build a school for their children so they could be educated at their will.

Gudrun, one of the teachers at the school then, worked in a normal primary school before.

When it was time for her second son to go to school, “My son should not be educated the same old way I did,” she told herself. “He should not sit in front of a desk for more than 5 hours a day when half of the time, it’s just his teacher talking.”

With such belief, she and the parents she met at Kindergruppe (children’s group) who share the same ideas, took action and founded their own school.

Source: On A Journey To Build A Dream School Together In Austria

There is a school set up like this in the United States, Sudbury schools, where students are in charge of their learning.

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