Teaching binary

Here are some resources I’ve found to help teach binary. Why would you teach binary? The binary (base 2) numbering system is the backbone of almost every electronic device on the planet. George Boole and his concept of Boolean logic was one of the most important advances that led to the information age. All of this because of a zero and a one.

CS Unplugged

Computer Science Unplugged bills itself as Computer Science without a computer and boy do they deliver. They have several activities that can be used in the classroom or at home that teach computer science concepts, all without a computer. Using printouts and other resources, students work together or with a teacher to learn things like the aforementioned Binary Numbers but also Sorting Algorithms, Network Protocols, and many more.

A book is available, along with tons, and I do mean TONS, of links to resources from each topic.


TryEngineering has a lesson on binary. They also have lesson plans on a wide range of engineering topics and links to STEM related games.

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