The Classroom of the Future

We asked prominent voices in education—from policy makers and teachers to activists and parents—to look beyond laws, politics, and funding and imagine a utopian system of learning. They went back to the drawing board—and the chalkboard—to build an educational Garden of Eden. We’re publishing their answers to one question each day this week. Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Today’s assignment: The Space. Describe the perfect classroom.

Source: The Classroom of the Future

Some neat evolutionary ideas, but nothing very revolutionary.

My ideal classroom is a large room, with enough space that a student can call an area their own. Each space would have storage available so projects can be stored, and displays for students will be available, with larger displays available for group work. Each wall is a rear-projection smart writing surface, which can be used by students for brainstorming, or for video projects.

Each student would have a smartphone device used for learning, whether it is to work on something in Google Docs or for notifications that their mom is there to take the student to the doctor. This might work better as a smart watch.

What’s your classroom of the future?

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