Twitter’s missing manual

kpgolfpro / Pixabay

I kind of fancy myself as a proficient Twitter user, but after reading through Eevee’s Twitter’s missing manual I realize that I’m still a neophyte. For example:

There is one exception to the previous rule: if you’re replying to yourself, you don’t have to include your own @handle, even though clients include it by default. So if you want to say something that spans multiple tweets, you can just keep replying to yourself and deleting the @handle.

It’s a really good idea to do this whenever you’re making multiple tweets about something. Otherwise, someone who stumbles upon one of the tweets later will have no idea what the context was, and won’t be able to find it without scrolling back however long on your profile.

That’s pretty useful information to know! Reading through the tips for Twitter I’ve come to the realization that Twitter is very hard to use. This is because some of it’s most popular features were never a part of Twitter in the first place, such as mentions and hashtags, and were added by the users.

Enjoy the manual, let me know what your favorite tip is.

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