Use FormRedirector in Google Forms to change the destination of the form responses

New Visions for Public Schools has published some great addons in the past (such as Doctopus and autoCrat) and they have another winner with FormRedirector. This addon allows you to redirect Google Form responses to different spreadsheets. There are two modes, Multi Destination Mode and Single Destination Mode.

Multi Destination Mode

Multi Destination Mode allows you to collect responses to additional spreadsheets using a form response to choose the spreadsheet. For example, when collecting information from your class, you can save a student’s individual responses to a spreadsheet shared with them, while still aggregating the class information.

Single Destination Mode

Single Destination Mode allows you to save the information into another spreadsheet, in addition to the main spreadsheet.  This can also be triggered by a response in the form itself.

Getting started

The addon is currently only available to a trusted testers group. From their website, here are the directions:

  1. Join the Form Redirector trusted testers group
  2. Click here and install  the Form Redirector Add-on for Google Forms.  Note that this link will not work until you have joined the group.
  3. And please join the Form Redirector G+ community to post feedback, ask questions, etc.

For more information and documentation on using the addon, visit their Form Router Documentation site.

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