What if the computer could teach you?

If we think about how this plays out now, a young lawyer who wants to know how similar cases were handled and see what research had been done could, if they were working in a large firm, simply walk down the hall and ask another lawyer who had that knowledge. In fact, that is what most law firm’s KM projects are trying to bring about, making sure everyone knows who knows what.

That really one of the bigger benefits of being in a firm, the variety of expertise and the ability to tap in to those resources as needed.

But, what if, instead of going down the hall, I could simply ask Jarvis to research the latest information and case law and summarize it for me? What if I could have Jarvis dig into past and current cases all over the country and tell me what works and what doesn’t?

Source: Jarvis, Teach Me About eDiscovery Law

I have no doubt that computers will eventually be able to teach us topics on demand. But, how do I know what questions to ask? It will be interesting if the computer will be able to feed our curiousity.


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