Easily create portfolios and engage parents with FreshGrade


FreshGrade is free apps for collaboration between teachers, students and parents with digital portfolios, learning objectives, grade book and communications Source: FreshGrade: Digital Portfolios, Grade Books + Engagement After watching the product walkthrough video, I am left impressed. FreshGrade is a way to collect student work, either by your or by the …

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Ditching the Desk


I decided to focus on learning spaces this year in the classroom and around my school. It led me to create a makerspace in my school’s library, but it also led me to take a hard look at the classroom. Last summer, I visited my classroom and decided to change …

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“Thinking about thinking”


Amidst the discussions about content standards, curriculum and teaching strategies, it’s easy to lose sight of the big goals behind education, like giving students tools to deepen their quantitative and qualitative understanding of the world. Teaching for understanding has always been a challenge, which is why Harvard’s Project Zero has been …

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