Multitasking is killing productivity

By: Daniel Lobo

Over the past decade, academic research has increasingly examined issues of multitasking and distraction as people try to squeeze more activities into their busy lives. Prior to the Internet age, some cognition science research focused on how behavior might be better understood, improved and made more efficient in business, hospital …

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CaptureCast is another option for recording screencasts with Chrome and Chromebooks


I stumbled upon another option to record screencasts with Chrome and Chromebooks, CaptureCast. This extension has some nice features that the Nimbus tool doesn’t have. Most notably, webcam, Google Drive, YouTube, and Vimeo support. With CaptureCast, you can overlay your webcam video onto the screencast, or record only your webcam. …

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Using edtech not to measure, but to make students better

By: US Department of Education

With the Common Core’s emphasis on data-driven instruction there is a misguided focus on using technology to deliver content and collect data rather than cultivate learning and stimulate cognitive development.Using education technology isn’t so much about students mastering a device or procedure so much as it is about mastering themselves first. Source: Use edtech to …

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