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NEOTech 2024

NEOTech 2024 took place this past Tuesday and I had the honor of attending several very good sessions along with presenting! My notes for the conference, along with my presentation, are available on my presentation page.

Creating apps out of websites is coming to Chrome

Mac users already have this capability in Safari, but Google is going to be adding it to Chrome. Turning websites into apps isn’t a new idea, Firefox pioneered the idea of websites as apps back in 2010 with Prism. The idea was to create Single Site Browsers (SSB) for websites, providing a separation of shared data while also allowing some operating system capabilities to be used.

SSB is coming back with the rise of websites that are as capable as a native app. Bringing this into the present, on the Mac the web apps are able to show notification badges. We’ll have to see what capabilities the Chrome version will have.

You may be asking, “then why is Chrome asking me to install a site as an app now?”, and that’s a very good question! Sites can let Chrome know that it can be installed as an app. You can visit chat.google.com to see an example:


Google is adding it so EVERY site can be installed as an app.

Where will AI take us in schools?

The National Education Policy Center released a brief outlining issues with AI in school (H/T) calling for more oversight on bringing AI into schools, and I can’t say I disagree with them. When the scientists themselves can’t tell you how it works it sounds like a recipe for disaster. The latest is that AI chats can be intercepted and read without the user knowing even though they are encrypted. The fear is that we won’t know if it’s damaging or not until it’s too late. Despite these concerns, the potential for personalized learning and accessibility can’t be ignored. It’s about finding the right balance.

However, looking at what AI will or won’t do in education shows that we are still at the very beginning of AI in schools. The next 10 years will be very interesting.

My greatest fear from the AI revolution? A future foreseen in 1895 by H.G. Wells of the apathetic Eloi.

Making sense of the Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is one where a person believes that they can improve, they are flexible and can get better. There are many benefits of the growth mindset. However, it has a dark side. That article is very blunt and to the point, but the idea is that just having a growth mindset isn’t enough, you also have to have realistic views of your capabilities.

Dan McLaughlin set out to become a professional golfer, quitting his job and putting in the hours of deliberate practice. Halfway through he was able to bring his handicap down to a 2.6, a feat achieved by less than 6 percent of golfers. In the end, health issues ended his goal, but he doesn’t feel like a failure (and he shouldn’t).

Do not disturb

I already have almost all notifications turned off, including those for texts. For work I have my own personal rules. If it’s time sensitive, call, if not, email. I don’t know when we made the switch to “everything is an emergency and I need the answer now” but it is not healthy. When everything is a priority, nothing is.


Chromebooks have a charging sound that you can manually enable. I turned it on for our managed Chromebooks, but then found out it doesn’t make the sound if the lid is closed. That means the entire reason I turned it on, so kids know their Chromebook has started charging, is moot since they won’t hear it. Hopefully this is just a bug to be fixed!


So it won’t be marked as “seen” #notification #texting #memes #9gag | Instagram

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