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Finally, Google has added scanning to the iOS Google Drive App. No more scanning with Apple Notes and sharing! It works really well, and I especially like how I can adjust the corners after each page is scanned instead of how Apple Notes makes me wait until the end.

Got a mic that you don’t know if it works? Head on over to Mic Test and test it out! The mic that is, but I guess you would also be testing out the site.

Alice Keeler has a great introduction to FigJam to help you get started.


I started reading The Worst Programmer I Know with a little trepidation, I mean, the author put the programmers name out for all to see! However, you’ll have to read how he was “deemed” the worst programmer.

Is it time to add K-cups to the school supply lists? Caffeine could have a surprising effect on the brain’s ability to learn.

Reading and screens have been questioned a lot, but just how does reading on screens affect our thinking? And along those same lines, what about screentime? Should screentime in education be looked at differently?

As a surprise to no one, not only are students less likely to be in the mood to learn in the afternoon, but workers are less productive, especially Friday afternoons.


Here’s a dive into the affects that ChatGPT has had in its first year of life. And what a busy life that is, helping others while also creating phony medical reports.

I don’t say I love things very often, but I do love my Keychron K6 keyboard. It may not be for everyone since it doesn’t have a number pad, but I really like the small footprint. More importantly, typing on it is a joy!

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No, iPhones’ Namedrop feature is not dangerous.

This was a surprise to me, how few know what the lock in the address bar of a browser means. However, Google has been moving to secure by default, and will instead put a big NOT SECURE by the address when you’re on a non-secure site.

Here’s something I didn’t know I needed, Google Slides in Cursive!

Pop Culture

Just like the pronounciation of gif, whether you should have two spaces after a period is another go to for me when I want to get people riled up. Spoiler alert, for almost everything you write you only need one space after a period.

Are kids really worse today than in the past? Research points to a no h/t – CURMUDGUCATION: Why You Think Kids These Days Are Terrible.


Extra Credit

Here are extra links that I found interesting that may or may not be education related or interesting to you and I didn’t want to lose them.

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