{Edtech} Do voice assistants have a place in the classroom?

During the holiday season, connected devices containing voice-activated assistants from Amazon (Alexa) and Google were among the most popular gifts. This week at the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES), lots of companies demonstrated many more future products infused with Alexa, Google, and Apple’s Siri. Including “smart” shower hardware. But, according to …

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Easily create portfolios and engage parents with FreshGrade

FreshGrade is free apps for collaboration between teachers, students and parents with digital portfolios, learning objectives, grade book and communications Source: FreshGrade: Digital Portfolios, Grade Books + Engagement After watching the product walkthrough video, I am left impressed. FreshGrade is a way to collect student work, either by your or by the …

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Collabrify Suite is a great set of free apps from the Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center

The Collabrify Suite from the Intergalactice Mobile Learning Center is a collection of free apps for use in the primary and middle school classroom. The suite consists of the follow 5 apps: Collabrify Chart looks a little like a spreadsheet, but with slightly easier options to make charting easier. Collabrify KWL allows …

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6 tools for classroom management

6 Powerful Chrome Apps for Classroom Management

For those of you using Chrome in their instruction, below is a collection of some of our favourite extensions to use for classroom management. Some of the things you can do with these add-ons include: monitoring students in-class behaviour,  create and organize assignments, track students grades and progress, organize both formative and summative assessments, generate report charts and many more.

Although the title talks about Chrome apps, none of these tools require the use of Chrome.