New camera features (scanning, QR Codes, and more) on the Chromebooks

Source: Do even more with your Chromebook camera

Chromebooks are getting some cool camera abilities. I don’t know what is better, the scanning of the documents or the QR code reader.

With the built in scanner, students and teachers will be able to take a document and “scan” it. This is different than just taking a picture of the document. When you scan with the camera, the Chromebook will do edge detection of the paper and de-skew the paper, making the document appear to be scanned in.

As for the QR code reader, I can’t believe it has taken this long to be added to the Chromebooks. Students will now be able to hold up a QR code to their camera to navigate to a site. This could add a new dimension to any paper work the student does in the classroom.

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