Using tech tools to change learning with dyslexia

Tech Tools That Have Transformed Learning With Dyslexia

Fifth-grade teacher Kyle Redford remembers with emotion the day she unwittingly put an iPad in the hands of one of her 10-year-old dyslexic students, a day she called “a complete game changer.”

I loved this paragraph from the article:

But in order for teachers to really embrace how tech can help their students with learning differences, Youman said schools must let go of expectations that each student is going to get to the same place in the same way. She said resistance often comes from a misunderstanding that it’s somehow “cheating” when dyslexics use technology as an aid.

This idea could easily be extended to technology use in general. How many teachers are afraid of using technology because they feel it is “cheating”. The great calculator debates of the 70s come to my mind (which still, in part, rages on today).

Also, if you have students with dyslexia, there is also the OpenDyslexic open source font. Freely available, it was designed to increase readability for people with dyslexia. 

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